Eureka Springs Mtn Bike Club

Denton, Cory, What are the shop hours for the winter? I would like to get a sort of tuneup and some maintenance done. But I would also appreciate if I could watch and learn wink emoticon I'd like to have my wheels checked/trued (was checking spoke tension on my drive side and some of the spokes are really flexy compared to others on the drive side. Want to get it checked/fixed before I start popping spokes. Would also like to learn how to disassemble and service my rockshox tora 318 and discuss replacing the compression control unit with a motion control unit and what the advantages/disadvantages are over my current setup. Also, would like to remove the spacer and try out the 100mm travel.... And am looking at purchasing some bike fit accessories. I need a muuuuch wider bar and a shorter stem. Preferrably a carbon bar and a carbon stem if I can afford both. Bar is more important than the stem now, I don't have enough room on the skinny bar my bike came equipped with. My controls are all bunched together because it's too short and a riser. Not enough room to put everything where I want before the bar bends and I can't mount anything there. When would be a good time to bring the bike by the shop and discuss this with ya'll?