Lethbridge and Area Swap and Buy Clothing, Cosmetics and Accessories


So here are our group rules just as a reminder:

- Only post ladies clothing and accessories, curling irons, hair straighteners etc will be allowed but please no children's items or others as there are plenty of other groups for that sort of thing

- Pictures will be deleted after 60days or if they have been bumped more than once in 2 days. (Just so everyone can see the new stuff too )

- If you post more then 10 pictures at a time please make an album.

- No drama at all the post will be deleted and you will receive a warning!

-ADVERTISING FREE GROUP!!! with the exception of Garage sale posts.


-ABSOLUTELY NO BLOCKING OF ADMINS, this will not be tolerated and is subject to being banned from the group

If any of these rules are not followed your post will be deleted without warning!!

- no posting the same ISO more than once in 2 days.

- no posting the same photos daily( every 2 days is fine ) just so others can see the new things.

If you have any questions or concerns you can message myself or a lady on our admin Team and we will be glad to help you!

Happy buying and selling ! :)