Air Your Briefs

Dear friends, welcome to Air Your Briefs - This is an open forum where members can post and pick up creative briefs, whether it be for film, writing, photography, illustration, music... anything you fancy!

This group is for creative people who are looking for an initial spark to get their imagination going, or are just up for doing something outside of their usual area or that they might not have thought of themselves - so please feel free to come up with briefs and post them here. And if you see one you'd like to pick up and run with, please post the results!

I was inspired to start this group partly by the brilliant ONE (Obstructions Networking Event workshops, some of you will be familiar with those!), and by one day a few months back when I was home sick and bored - I wrote a status asking for people to give me a creative brief and ended up writing two short flash fiction pieces (look at that, i'm not even a writer), so I thought that having a forum where people could post their ideas for briefs and also look for a brief to do might be fun. Let's see where this goes...