Saxapahaw Village Council

Saxapahaw Village Council
Philosophical core principle: We share information
Mission: Advise, Inform, Advocate
Our mission is implemented thru regular meetings and social media
From April 26 2014 meeting at Paperhand


Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson argue in one of last year's most important books, Winner-Take-All Politics, "because politicians don't respond to the concerns of voters, they respond to the organized muscle of institutions..."

Sxphw needs and institution to hold our county commissioners to account and to push for protection of our community from threats such as urban sprawl, landfill expansion or privatization, DOT projects, developers, "Californication" or as known, locally, "Carrbonation".

This space was set aside to help organize that institution.

Our community held a trial meeting in 2008 but quickly determined, with help from KC Kurtz consult, that we should first start our Council by listening, so first and foremost we need to share and listen.

Our first restructured meeting was held March 15, 2014, and our Quorum held a consensus vote to send an edict to the county commissioners asking for a study to determine land use near our landfill, directing the study to include community input... more listening.

This description and this entire facebook group will be changed, soon, as our new Council develops a public statement, and takes control of this group space, so for the time being, this statement does not reflect the Council's will or direction.