Fort Collins Cosplayers and Nerds

We've met several cosplayers, MTG players and other fun folks that are excited to do some serious sheep jousting...yes, we built mechanical sheep jousting! They told us to post here, and to let you know that we encourage creative attire!! Feel free to bring your own gear or use your own (at your own risk). Hope to meet you soon smile emoticon We've got fire performers, potato gun shooting gallery, smash it up Sling-Shot range, Celtic/Pirate/Punk band, food, vendors, Hula Hoops, workshops, kid zone activities, farm critters, pumpkin patch and a tee pee cantina!! Plus more!! Saturday only Tickets: Friday camping, Fire, Daniel Donovan-TechnoShaman and Burlesque... PLUS Saturday festival Tickets: This is going to be so fun, and we need your help in sharing the word about our event. Here is the event page: If you want to volunteer and get a comped ticket, message me heart emoticon