Ksh. 150 Million Bribe Taken by MPs in the PAC to Conceal over Ksh. 10 Billion Theft of our Taxes: Chama Cha Maslahi Ya Wananchi Wa Kenya & Office of Rais-Mtarajiwa Dr. JM Are Appalled.
The Public Accounts Committee members through its Chairman Ababu Namwamba are alleged to have received over Ksh.150m in bribes from bodies they were investigating. PAC members would then go slow/be soft to these bodies or Reports were then altered/doctored. The accurate extent of corruption and waste in those bodies would then be unknown. 15 members of the PAC called for ouster of the PAC Chairman. ODM stepped in saying they will take action against ODM members who planned to vote for Ababu's removal. They withdrew so as to protect their self-interests- keeping their jobs as opposed to standing for our money, principle and integrity. I have always said Cord and Jubilee as well as Amani etc have the same DNA and behaviour. I am unsure how true these allegations are but its stated that those pointing fingers are doing so because the loot has not been shared well. But for ODM to protect Namwamba shows they are shielding corruption simply because he is one of them. If Namwamba belonged to Jubilee, they will be sponsoring his ouster. Surely how can we fight and defeat corruption in this manner? We tolerate corruption because he is our man/woman doing it? I thought ODM would have at the very least called for thorough investigation to ascertain the bribery issue levelled against Namwamba and PAC. It did not. I have no illusions that replacing Namwamba would help things either because it may be replacing a supposedly corrupt MP with another perhaps more vicious corruption-driven MP. Were others genuine or they simply were eyeing the position so that they can too have a chance to "eat"? Is it all about repaying the 2013 campaign costs and raising money for 2017 elections? So we as tax-payers may have lost over Ksh.150m plus billions that this bribe was intended to conceal. As far as I can try to recollect the squandered amounts exceed Ksh.10billion. This would have employed close to 100,000 jobless youths. You remember what I told you recently! In all the days that I shall be your President, I will employ 6,000 people every day. These alleged Namwamba's/PAC Members bribes has only benefited a few people. By my Presidency ending such naked loot of our taxes, I would have offered more than 100,000 jobs! My Presidency and Chama Cha Maslahi Ya Wananchi Wa Wakenya will not protect any corrupt person in their rank and file. Anyone accused of corruption will simply go and the party shall be the first one to call for your removal. You will not even seek refugee in your tribe as the case is today and in the past. You are corrupt as an individual and not a party or tribe. You pay the price as an individual. We are friends in integrity and not in corruption.