Lake Worth-Saginaw-White Settlement Buy/Sell/Trade

All posts require PRICE, DESCRIPTION and LOCATION (City - not subdivision or street please). If posted in other groups, put CROSS POSTED. No MAKE OFFER posts. No Craigslist, Facebook or other web sites allowed.

-Sell in order of comments, selling your item(s) out from under your expected buyer(s) is HIGHLY frowned on and may result in group termination. Please wait 30 minutes for a buyer response before you move to next person, unless you post as 1st Come 1st Serve.

-Bump ONE time in 24 hours from the post or last comment made or post may be removed. Do not comment on friends post unless you are purchasing.

-No double posting. Both posts will be deleted.

-No business/advertisement ads except for mom and pop type businesses where you make the product or do the work yourself (You have no employees or employer or affiliation to a business or product).

-If you live outside of the Lake Worth, Saginaw or White Settlement areas you are free to post your items but you must be willing to meet within any of these areas.

-No illegal or recalled items or items from WIC. If you want to sell food, read the Texas Cottage Law to make sure you are in compliance BEFORE posting

-No asking for FREE items. Times are tough for everyone and unfortunately there are some people who take advantage of others and ask for items and then turn around and make profits off them.

- No job related posting unless it is a Brick or Mortar business that can be verified. There are way too many ISO and Scam jobs being

-Rude behavior is not acceptable. At no time will foul language be tolerated. Zero Drama. Contact me by PM to report any problems. Bad Buyers & Sellers do get banned. That includes but not limited to No Shows, Short Changing, Knowingly selling defective items, back out of purchase with no or short notice. If you ever have an issue with a buyer or a seller, no shows, offering less when you meet or have suggesting for the group, please PM Admin:)

- All items and transactions are the responsibility of the seller and buyer, Admins will not be held responsible for bad transaction, Buyer please check item BEFORE you purchase. We will remove a member who totally just refuses to read and abide by these rules. Sellers beware: do not sell items that have issues without disclosing, this will get you banned and reported to other group Admins.