Vote Sophie for Secretary for St George's Halls!

Why should I be part of the JCR and be the JCR's Secretary? Since arriving at the halls back in September, I had felt welcomed by the JCR and I knew from the amazing week at fresher’s I experienced, I wanted to do this for the new fresher’s arriving in September 2014. So, why am I suited for the secretary role? I’ve, on more than one occasion, taken minutes in meetings and with this experience, I am familiar with this part of the role. Also, I know how important it is to keep getting regular updates about what the JCR have discussed, events/activities and to know about the AGM meeting. My aim will be to ensure that the new students get this information like I did. To do this, I will regularly post minutes of meetings on the St George’s Facebook group and RUSU’s website. As well as this, I will regularly update notice boards around St George’s about events/activities occurring so everyone has the opportunity to be able to attend them. Also, if any students have any further questions about the meetings or activities/events, I will ensure to give them the answers to the questions they are looking for. If any of the JCR are unable to attend a meeting, I will guarantee they are kept up to date with everything that was discussed so all of the JCR team always have the same amount of knowledge and know what is going on. As well as all of this, if any of the other JCR members need an extra hand, I will ensure to be there to help them and support them. I will also prepare, for the fresher’s, everyone’s key role in the JCR so the new know the ins and outs of the JCR and who is there for the need they may have in the future.