Let's Grow Barbados

Let’s Grow Barbados is dedicated to bringing people and communities together through the common interest of locally grown, plants and fresh produce.

Buy, Sell, Trade, or simply give away ornamental plants, trees, herbs, shrubs, seedlings, cuttings, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Cut down on the air miles of your meals and greens!

Do you have fruit trees in your garden and find that when they are in season, you have so much produce, that you are totally overwhelmed? LGB is for you. Everyone is welcome to buy, sell, trade, or giveaway all produce. Commercial growers are also welcomed.

The LGB , Pop up ‘Green Meet” will be arranged where members can get together on a prearranged date and time for a period of 1-3 hours only. Plants, produce, cuttings and seedlings may be exchanged, sold, purchased swapped or given away free. Look out for more information about the Green Meet in the coming months.

Is there a rare local plant that you have been trying to find?

Do you want advice about where to purchase organic produce?

Would you like seedlings or plant cuttings but don’t know where to obtain them?

Planning to start your own gardening project? Small or large?

Do you have information about local farms listing, in season fruits or vegetables for sale?

LGB is for you.

So welcome… Let’s Go… Let’s Grow Barbados!!