Edleen Proper Residents Association

About:- Edleen Residents Association or EPRA registered as a NPC; Registration Number: 2015/022320/08.

This group was founded, as a working group for the residents living within the envisaged area to be boomed off. The area includes the following North West of Green Avenue only, Ilex way, Oleander, Floria, Eugenia, Laurel, Osier, Aandblom, Adonis, Azalea and portion of Amarillo. (Please see Map of said area under the Files Tab of the page) It is a group where we share our progress towards our closure and other security related issues associated to the safety of the community within its boarders and or those living in it. If you live outside of this area, this group will serve little to no value to you. This working committee will not be responsible for any area beyond the area specified in the above. We would therefore suggest that any person wanting to get their area closed off, consider forming their own committee and or working group. We will however be willing to assist and guide you / put you in touch with the right people that could assist you with your questions and answers.