Main Mafia Wars Chat enabled play room

This group is for Mafia Wars members that play mafia wars on a daily basis...We welcome everyone to the room that is a daily player only....If you do not play mafia wars on a daily basis then please do not stay as you will be taking space of someone that is a daily player and we only have a limited space of 250 people...It is an open group. You can add new members in this group..If you add a new member IT IS REQUIRED that you also post their facebook profile and level info to the all so that others in the group can add them as friends too. If you can not follow this then you and everyone that you add will be deleted from the group.

Each new member should go to the top of the right corner of the group page and edit settings to their personal preferences.

Some of our members of this group are young so please keep discussions free from profanity as much as possible. Consider it a family discussion group. It is one thing if a profane word slips out every now and again but constantly cussing in full words on a regular basis is not something the group prefers.