Greatwood Expectant and New Moms

Greatwood Expecting and New Moms was created for women who have questions/concerns related to birth, babies and infants.

This is NOT a page for buying and selling items.

Possible topics could be recommendations for pediatricians, strollers, monitors and all sorts of baby paraphernalia and baby gear.

Questions about hospital experiences, what to pack, how to prepare, ideas for nursery setup, and how to talk to older children about it.

The best ways to deal with colic, constipation, gerd, crying and other baby issues.

Common topics like whether or not to save umbilical cord blood, breast feeding, medical concerns, immunizations, and baby illnesses.

These are just suggestions. This page will belong to it's members and their concerns.

It is currently set as "closed", but will be changed to "secret" as soon as we get some members and conversation going.