Hobos with Nikons

What started as an innocuous night photo walk combined with two people who consumed more beer than is good for them has grown into Edmonton's premiere collective of subversive photographers.

Our purpose is simple: Taking pictures, and gaining access to some of the most interesting and unique non-public areas, and taking pictures.

Despite the name, which exists for historic reasons, camera junkies of all persuasion and brand-loyalties are welcome.


1. I can't emphasize this enough...any and all members are allowed and encouraged to make a post to organize a meetup. For anything. Something interesting happening that will make a good photo-op? Make a post!
2. This group is not a photo dump, but it is a photo group so posting pictures is allowed, however, pictures should be somewhat related to Hobo events, or at least something the Hobos are interested in. What are we interested in? Come and meet us and you'd know wink emoticon
3. General photo chit-chat, questions, and pleas for advice are welcome. There are some very knowledgeable folks in this group who love to share their experience. Have a question? Ask away...
4. Low-value content like memes and lolcats should be avoided.
5. This group is about PARTICIPACTION!
6. Idiots will be clubbed.

Now get out there and shoot!