Club Wealth Real Estate Agent Mastermind

Club Wealth Real Estate Agent Mastermind is OPEN TO ALL REAL EST...ATE AGENTS, team leaders, and brokers who are willing to share great ideas and add value to the Club and its members and guests.

Topics we discuss:
Lead Gen, Follow Up, Conversion
How to grow/scale a profitable real estate business
Technology, Systems and Tools
Team Building
Anything that can help agents, brokers or team leaders make more, work less, or lead happier lives

Share Great Stuff
Invite Friends to Join The Club
Participate in Lively, CONSTRUCTIVE Debate (Positive Conflict)
Be Cool, be mature, be nice
Be a Giver

Promote coaches or coaching companies other than Club Wealth
Self promote in any way unless approved by admin team
Post links to your own stuff
Post Listings or Buyer wants/needs
Post Open Houses
Use Foul Language or Profanity of Any Kind
Recruit In Any Way
Post Affiliate Links
Be Negative
Treat Others Poorly in Any Way

Break these rules more than once, and you will be permanently banned from Club Wealth.

Let's all take this opportunity to help one another out and enjoy some fun together!

Thank you.

Michael Hellickson - CEO
Mike Bjorkman - Social Media Advisory Member
Natasha States - Marketing Director
Keri Banghart - Event Coordinator
Ron Anderson - Director of Tier 1 Coaching
Brian Curtis - Tier 2 Coach
Tim Ray - Tier 2 Coach
Christy Lundy - Tier 1 Coach

Club Wealth is a registered trademark. While the Club Wealth Real Estate Agent Mastermind and Club Wealth LLC. are wholly owned and operated by Michael and Tara Hellickson, participation in this Facebook Group does NOT require membership in Club Wealth. This group is NOT about us, it's about everyone who wants to share great ideas.

Club Wealth does have affiliate relationships with some of the vendors in this group, and some of the products that we promote. That being said, we ONLY promote products and services that have been tested and proven successful by Club Wealth Coaching Clients, and we always strive to provide discounts to those products and services to our members.