The Kiptons Community

This group is open to all and is for people living on the Kiptons to share local news and events, advertise their business and any other matters relating to the Kiptons. If you're having a party, lost your cat or just want to ask a question related to life on site, feel free to post. All we ask is you respect peoples views and do not seek to cause offence to other members, residents or local businesses on site. (Admins will remove posts deemed to cause offence to the aforementioned).
Please feel free to 'share' or add anyone local to the Kiptons, it all helps to bring the community closer, enjoy :)

This group has no link with Pure, F.W Properties, the Kiptons hub shop or residents committee (although they are free to post on this page the same as everyone else). Views expressed on this page may not be the personal views of the admins.