Cottages at Woodland Pointe

Group for residents of The Cottages at Woodland Pointe in Nashville, Tennessee. Used to facilitate communication and events. Privacy has been set to "Closed" so that only members can see what members post. Feel free to add members if they are one of your friends on Facebook by clicking in the "Add People to Group" box above, entering the first few letters of their name, and clicking their full name when it pops up. You can also invite residents who are not your friend on Facebook by clicking the "Invite by Email" link above.

The following guidelines are provided to make sure this Group remains interesting while protecting privacy and respecting each person's time:

1. Posts that are relevant to most or all of the residents of The Cottages are encouraged including requests for assistance, advice, opinions, or other input from the Group.

2. Posts that are not directly relevant to most or all of the residents should be posted elsewhere so as to avoid spamming the Group. Please feel free to invite your neighbors to be Facebook friends if you wish to communicate with them directly and so Group members can avoid reading communication between individuals.

3. Racial insults, personal attacks, inflammatory, or frequent irrelevant posts are grounds for removal from the Group. Banned users must wait a minimum of one month before they are allowed to rejoin the Group. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

4. Local businesses may announce promotions, new shipments, etc no more than once per 90-day period and are encouraged to provide a link to their business's Facebook Page or website. Restaurants may contact Pete Nikolai for permission to announce promotions more frequently.

5. Posts in violation of these guidelines will be removed without notice. Please report any violations to Pete Nikolai.

6. Posting of personally identifiable information (PII) such as an address should be avoided.

For specific questions regarding the homeowners association, committees, deed restrictions, or community issues please contact or 615-277-0358 or visit