Redditch Rugby Club Christmas Do

Ladies and gentleman and Stan we have decided that the only time to have our Christmas do is this coming weekend. Saturday 22 nov. Plan is that the ladies will have their awards night first so shirt n tie n best behaviour after that we get smashed. We can go in to town get good or just drink it is happy hour down the club all night so stay there for a bit as cheap drinks. Also it's secret Santa with clothes, I ask that each of you bring an item of clothing with you for someone else to wear on that evening,it has to be external so shirts, dress, skirts, Christmas jumpers maybe even some hot pants. Keep it with you once we are all together we will simply swap with they person to the right of left of us. May I suggest charity shops as cheaper n no point wasting good money on shit clothes. Let me know what you think to that idea if not enough people want to then we can just wear shirts n tie :) all comments and advice welcomed in comments let's get a good turn out. Invite anyone I may have missed