Redskins venting page

You guys are going to continue to lose as long as you have the racist name and an owner is a sports fan who lives for the good ole days!!!!!!!! As I have said to many of your fans, how are you all experts on quarterback play when the last time you have had a quarterback for longer than five years was Billy "the wobbler" Kilmer. You continue to think by changing quarterbacks that you will somehow come out with wins!!!!!
You will eventually get it! You must stick it out. I believe RGIII will be a very successful quarterback in the NFL! Whether he is with you guys or another team, he will be successful!!!!!
Your owner is so infatuated with talent that he will take it no matter what it does to the locker room!!!! That wide receiver that you acquired from the Eagles is a cancer that needs to be cut out!!!!! You see what the Steelers did to Blount when he acted up, cut him!!!!!!!!!
As London Fletcher stated, the Washington team does not have a team that embraces winning. Winning is an attitude!!!!!! When players come to the Steelers organization they want to contribute significantly to their winning ways!! When players come to this team, they want the money!!
Nothing will change for this organization until the owner changes or changes his ways and you change that RACIST name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!