Free Items Only
No Selling Allowed
ISO are allowed but if i see more of them than people getting i will ban them
Items are free so do not expect to have them brought to you...
No Shows will not be not ask some to hold items for days then not show it is rude. Also do not im people trying to get ahead of people comment on the post then if u are first IM with giver.. If some does this pleas let us know.
Rules only have a couple
1. Be Poliet we are all adults here
2. If you recieve and item try and pay it forward and give a item
3. No free animalPostings there are plenty of groups for that
4. Blowing someone off will get you removed and banned from site
5. If you are posting on several sites please post "cross posted"
6. if giving away a car seat please make sure u put expiration date
7. if you are asking for formula you must be specific brand and type.
8. No Recalled Cribs this means drop side cribs so before you offer a crib make sure u look up and make sure it has not been recalled
9. Not allowed to pick up for others unless person contacts the giver.