This group is created for the sole purpose of appreciating and bringing out the creativeness and talent of Cameroonians as a whole. We draw our inspiration from many TV shows and mostly from the popular American and Arab entertainment TV show called "America Has Got Talent and Arab Has Got Talent" . We believe Cameroonians deserve a similar opportunity to show and display what they've got in acting, music, comedy, poems, video displays, modeling, dance crew presentations and performances just to name a few and it would also be entertaining as you know it would.

Our aspiration is to provide a medium or group through which talents could be displayed online especially on Facebook and eventually a reality show can evolve too and creating job opportunities for those in the various fields of their talents. You know of famous American and Nigerian comedians and actors who have undertaken various successful comedy concerts and have won the fame and reputation through live performances and online and YOU are no different.

We will not accept any act of disrespect in the group against members, post which violate morality, porn videos and pictures, use of immoral language, criticism and aggressive actions. Please feel free to complain incase of a misunderstanding and any problem you face in the group.

What ever you do post here being it video, audio or comment should be your performance or a display of your talent if not please indicate on your post and you should be proud as Cameroonians generally are.