Needham High School Alumni - All Classes

The alumni group is open to both NHS Alumni & those who grew up in Needham at some point in their youth but may have moved away before graduation or went to private schools.

The group helps you search for friends & network with old classmates. Come chat, post pictures, videos, announcements, reunion news, ongoing get-togethers, memories, etc. Many have even made new friends ~ join us! We're trying to connect with all our old friends, if you're already in the group please add other NHS alumni & Needham friends from your youth. The larger the membership, the easier it is to locate people & network.

(Posts that are disrespectful or inconsiderate in any manner will be deleted ~ no matter the topic of discussion. If you are disagreeing with a post please do it politely and without mean connotations or 'snarky' comments. This is a wonderful community and we wish to carry that through in this group.) Thank you