Sell it Sheldon, Sanborn, Archer, Primghar & areas

Feel free to post your Business, sell something, looking to buy or anything that you are promoting. Let's support each other & help each other gain MORE SUCCESS! One more thing I wish to add. Lets be adults and respect each other and what posts are made. If someone is asking a price for something then that is their right as well as its your right to pay what you wish to pay. There is not need to make comments that you think something is too high a price. Take it to a message not posting it. Another important thing you can't sell formula here. 1st its against the law to be a Client of WIC and try to sell what you get for free, 2nd against facebook policy and 3rd there Is no way of knowing if you are or are not a WIC client so we are just cutting out all formula sells. (I did find out as well that WIC clients can not even give away formula)