Edmonton Models and Photographers

This group is for local Models, MUAs, Hair stylists, Designers and photographers in the Edmonton area and across Alberta. It's purpose is to assist in finding resources and networking in the local photography scene.

If you are running a special for your services and want to advertise to the group you can ask an admin to create the event for you so all members can be invited. If you create the event yourself only your FB friends will be invited. Admins are shown when you look at the member list.

It is not a place for political discussions, people\company bashing, trying to solve the industries issues related to gossip. Please do not post or spam the members of the group with any of these purposes in mind. It only creates hurt feelings and people are contacting the admins directly to resolve these issues.

If you want to share photos, galleries, links, "vote for me" posts, or your portfolio publicly, please post them here: https://www.facebook.com/MandPMagazine

The focus of this group should be connecting people in the industry for mutual gain and education.

Posting an occasional photo on the wall is OK if you want to spotlight your work. Please limit posting to no more than one per photo shoot.

Thank you

Remember to turn off your email notifications from this group :) You might get swamped.