Lost and Found Pets - New Zealand

This page is for people to advertise their missing pets and pets they may have found.

Posts related to lost pets and animals only please. Anything else will be removed. Posts where an animal has been reunited with it's family will also be removed after a few days to keep the page up to date with current posts. Please no posting of Trademe ads unless it is your ad or you are sharing on behalf of a friend that is not on this page. We don't want this page to turn into a copy of Tradme ads. No judging others care of their animals is to be done on this site. This is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Just because someone looks after an animal differently to the way you would doesn't make it wrong. Any obvious cases of neglect will be directed to the correct authorities by admin. This site is about trying to reunite pets with their owners. Nothing more, nothing less