Lethbridge Community and Surrounds.

This group is an Australian group established by the Lethbridge Community Co-Coordinators as a forum for Lethbridge Community members to receive important information with regards to their local community and surrounds.
It can be used for Community Information, Sporting results and Achievments , For sale or Wanted items, Community Events and anything else that involves Lethbridge. PLEASE NOTE : As per DEPI State legislation if you advertise puppies/kittens/dogs or cats for sale then your ad MUST include the date of birth, the advertised pet MUST be 8 weeks or over at time of sale, MUST include microchip number and MUST be vaccinated. If any one of these iare not included in the ad, your ad will be automatically removed, no ifs or buts.
Expressions of Interest can only be done prior to puppies or kittens being born. All members are encouraged to input into the group.
All we ask is that posts are kept polite, no bitching or backstabbing and no bullying.
Any disrespectful behaviour will result in being banned from the group.
Utilise and enjoy this group.