China Spring Swap Shop

Please look at the settings- I just changed them and would like them to remain. I have had to start deleting people. Also, when we add- we have to be mindful and check who we add. I try to as much as I can. Thanks guys .

This is an On-Line "garage sale" group for the China Spring Community.
PURPOSE: Post items that you want to sell, but don't necessarily want to have a garage sale. If your location cannot be verified or you have not been referred and/or added by a member you will not be added to the group!

Please be cautious & safe when purchasing and/or selling items on here or anywhere else for that matter.

This page and it's admin is in no way, shape or form responsible for the actions of you and/or others.

RULE: Please do not keep reposting the same items over and over. You may bump your items once every 24 hours by commenting or typing the word "bump" in the comment section below your post. If you continue to re-post items and or buisness information that is interferring in other peoples post, you will be deleted.

RULE: Once you sell the item, go in an DELETE the post as soon as possible.