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Glow, a student developmental organization at the American University in Cairo, is organizing an online campaign promoting the idea of Copyrights as a proactive step towards development and change.
"A Copyright refers to as laws that regulate the use of the work of a creator, such as an artist or author. This includes copying, distributing, altering and displaying creative, literary and other types of work. Unless otherwise stated in a contract, the author or creator of a work retains the copyright"

Sources: Ralph E. Lerner and Judith Bresler. “All About Rights for Visual Artists.” Practising Law Institute, 2006.

Music, books, videos, software programs, applications and games are the same as physical products that we should pay to use it, so be aware of their regulations and copyrights.

Therefore, this campaign aims at alerting people to the issue of copyrights and it's importance. In addition to correcting the perception that not because those music, movies, applications, programs and videos available online we can use it , download it and share it without paying for it if we have too! :) As well as, offering solutions on how to get those stuff legally, so be ready for legal, simple solutions! ;)