Lets invade the pitcairn islands!

Rite then here's an idea.. after much research we have found a small island named the pitcairn islands near new zealand where a few of us believe should be our place of future residence..

With only around 50 inhabitants atm we feel that a group of about 100 of us will be able to invade with ruthless efficiency, and make the place a home. of course there will be casualties but with a ratio of 2:1 we shud come out relatively unscathed.

we shall row over in rubber dingies armed with wooden clubs or any other tool that can cause damage from arms length, the job shud be done in less that 2 hours. shane aka mcbane will provide the training neccesary to make our force an elite one. josh and myself will provide a coalition government with chisled features compulsory amongst occupants of the island.


please follow the link to learn the history of this island appreciate that we are serious about this project.

please post ure c.v on the wall supplying us with a few short points on why you are ideal for this job.

many thanks.