Derbyshire Pets - Sale and Support

-All Animals and Accessories ads can be posted on the groups page.
-No Bitching or Abuse.
-Please remember this group tries to stay neutral.
-If your posting links to groups - Please do so only once and just bump your original post
-More then 1 picture please put into an Album.
-You may advertise puppies and kittens for sale under 8 weeks old if you state they aren't ready yet however the sale of puppies and kittens under 8 weeks of age being sold as ready now is not allowed and you will be BANNED from the group.
-No Ad jumping if your selling an animal post your own ad no jumping on others
-No swearing!! This is a family group many people will look for their new pets on here.

Thank You Admin

P.S. If you feel we can do anything better please message Suzanne Flinders