Hunter Recognition

Dear Hunter Hall Residents,
Have you noticed any members of our building doing something great that they should be recognized for? If so, here's your chance to give them the reward they deserve!
This is the second year our building is putting on Hunter Hall’s Recognition of the Month to give credit to those who deserve it.

There are 4 categories that people can qualify for:
1. Staff member/ faculty member of the Month- A residential life staff member (i.e. cleaning staff, RD, etc.) who has made a positive impact both in Hunter and in Mountainview.
2. Event of the Month- An event put on by a member of Hunter.
3. Resident of the Month- A student in the building who has been an exceptional member to our building community for reasons such as involvement, academics, or personality.
4. Student Leader of the Month- A resident who exemplifies a strong leader. They can, but do not have to be, an RA, an E-board member, Hall representative, etc.

The winner of each category from our building will be up for nomination for that position for all of Mountainview!

There are 3 different ways to nominate people (do whichever is easiest for you!):
1. Reply to with your 4 nominations and why you are nominating each.
2. Fill out one of the form that was delivered to your suite and return it to suite 415 (You can slip it under the door if no one answers).
3. Print the attached form (same as the one delivered), fill it out and then return it to suite 415.


For further details about Hunter Hall Recognition and each position, please read the attached document. If you still have questions, reply to and we will answer as quickly as we can.

Remember, this is your chance to recognize excellence in our building!

Hunter Hall Recognition Committee