The Alternative Groove started out as a bunch of engineering students in the University of Immaculate Conception, who, after have participated in the annual Intramurals, decided to continue with improving their dancing skills. Rooted on hiphop, pop and street influences, what started out as a small group of dance enthusiasts has now emerged to have strength double its original number as they have opened its affiliation to other students outside the Engineering program.
For several years, the group has been an active member of the Groove Unlimited Dance Community. It has consistently participated the community sponsored activity called Groovestlylz since it started in 2005. With the group’s main thrust of sharing its passion for the craft of dancing, it has consistently conducted dance classes every weekend. By this activity, it has helped the youth and other professionals to have an avenue to continue honing their skills in dancing.
The Alternative Groove believes in the value of education that’s why it has always supported the campaign for its student members to pursue and finish their studies while getting the chance to perform and dance. That’s why for almost eight years of existence, AG already has alumni members who are now budding successful professionals in the fields of Engineering, Information Technology and Business Administration. Some of its members are already starting out their new careers in Australia, Japan, Singapore and other foreign countries. This is a distinct characteristic that the group shall always continue to embody.
As it continues to grow and build a group of better people. The Alternative Groove shall always seek to develop their skills in dancing and will continuously kindle the passion for the craft. Striving for one move and one groove, the Alternative Groove shall remain thankful for the people around them who continuously support and trust the group. The Alternative Groove brings back all the glory to Him who is the source of all these talents and graces.