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Translation group for Fukushima/worldwide nuclear accident related news. All the news translated here is free to use on your own group, blog, Twitter and anywhere else.


If you are skilled at translating and/or willing to volunteer your time to try your hand, consider joining our effort. We are especially in need of Japanese to English, English to Japanese, and Russian to Japanese (or English).

2.正確度が落ちてしまうことがままあるので、翻訳された文書を更にまた他国語へ翻訳することを避けています。 〈例:日本語から英語に変えた文書を更にその英語からドイツ語やフランス語に変える等〉。この選択が可能でない場合はその都度考慮させていただきます。
4. もし翻訳を始めたならそのようにコメント欄に記述お願いします。これは他の翻訳者が始めるのを防ぐ為です。

If you start translating an article, please write it in the “comment” section, so that work is not done twice.

Requests to Translating Members:
1. Please work from your second language into your native language to ensure that the translation sounds natural in the target language.
2. Please avoid using a translated text as a source for translations into other languages (i.e., a text is translated from Japanese to English, and then from English into German and French), as this is not always accurate. Where there is no other option, this will be considered.
3. Please do not use machine translators and then 'clean up' the resulting text as the choice of words and phrases given by these machine translators are insufficient to create accurate and natural translation. This is important especially when Japanese is translated to English (and other Indo-European Languages) and vice versa.
4. If you started translating a document, please comment so as to avoid someone else to pick the document for translation.


When you request a translation:
1. Please make sure that the source of information is clear.
2. Please make sure that you have an audience to share the result.
3. Please share with your intended audience when the translation is done.
4. If you post an article that should be fully translated, please note that.
5. Please let us know if the articles can be summarized, as we often do not need all the details.
6. Also, if there is no source or no author's name attached to the article, and/or if it is unclear whether or not there is an audience, we may not select the document to be translated. 


This group is dedicated to the request for translations of Fukushima nuclear power plant accident-related information and the discussion of translations only. When you request a translation, please clearly state so. Other posts, photos and videos will be deleted. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS GROUP FOR INFO SHARING. There are a dozen groups where you can share information, inform yourself and discuss. Thank you for your understanding.


(We reserve the right to choose and decide which articles will be selected and translated.)


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