Glasgow Green 22.07.12

I had an idea, if we get tons of people to do it, to show John & Edward that we do appreciate and love them, since all the twitter unfollowing drama, and the fact that the UK doesnt really see what we, see in them. We would get a white a4 paper with just 'we love you' on it, and at end of set put them in the air!

John and Edward are on 3:45 to 4:15, so we can probably guess what song will finish, maybe Lipstick or Waterline(or just by the time) so as the last chorus approaches, just put them high in the air! Follow someones lead, I'll probably try and be the first so soon as you see one banner going up, put yours up too. High as you can!!

If enough do it in crowd itll look great! Show John & Edward, the press, and the crowd how much we love them!!

So all you need is a white sheet of paper ( or any colour) and just write as big as you can WE LOVE YOU on it. Bring it on the day, wait and go :')

Thank you all so much for supporting this, I was expecting this to crash & burn :')

Carol x