Wakefield Memories and Chat

We are a select Group about Wakefield, to share Memories and views on our City. Strong opinionated debates are encouraged and allowed, as we understand many people have strong feelings about things that have happened and how Wakefield has developed over the years. You will find this is also not always a serious place to be, as fun is also encouraged. Please add Posts and content as you see fit, but nothing that jeopardises the group ie racially abusive or offensive comments. Any arguments will be monitored and You will be put on the naughty step, or comments deleted if they turn too nasty.. This Group is for ADULTS ONLY, as some of the Posts are Not Suitable for those Under 18's. Also if you would like to post any Weather reports, local Traffic information or events, etc ,these plus updates will be more than welcome.All Posts are checked, so Spammers don't waste your time. If you want to Advertise something, this will have to be put on as a Post so an Admin can approve it, not as a comment!