Champions Mental Health Discussion Group

**IMPORTANT** When you request to join this group, please check ...your messages folder, as admins will be messaging you before approving your membership to the group.

The Champions Mental Health Discussion page is where we can talk about different challenges we are facing with our children, as well as various resources and strategies we have found to be helpful. This is a place where we can ask questions and get support.

Some ground rules.

Please regard the information that is shared by others in this group as confidential.

Please be respectful in your dialogue. While we all have people in our lives who challenge and frustrate us with their actions, we need to be respectful when we are sharing this. Posts that are inflammatory or disrespectful will receive one warning. If it continues, the posts will be deleted by an administrator.

Try to be as curious and supportive as possible with your responses. Before you hit the reply button, think about how you would be impacted by a similar response.

Recognize and understand that we are all at different points in our journey. This is a way for us to empower each other, to share our knowledge and to learn from one another.

Spammy posts will be deleted immediately - defined as unsolicited product advertisement.