Warrawee "reception" centre (Children's home)

Warrawee was called a "reception" centre for children and wards of the state situated in Victoria St, Ballarat, Vic, a short distance from Bakery Hill.

The Department originally bought Warrawee from Ballarat Orphanage (situated further along up Victoria St) in the early 1950's, who had used it as a hostel for the boys who were old enough to be sent out to work but not old enough to be freed!

For some children it was more like a holding bay whilst welfare decided what they would do permanently with them.

Yes true Warrawee may have been a lot smaller than other institutions, with less children, yet there were still abuses and neglect in here, bad dentistry, bribery into wardship, druggings and more.. is known to have happened to some children placed in Warrawee.

I started this group because I seen a need for a Warrawee group for those people who had been stuck inside this large twin brick house, and also because many other institutional groups have already been started.

Sure there were children that preferred to be here than a lot of other places... and there were also children that detested it... both groups of people are welcome here.

Also welcome here all Forgotten Australians, regardless of which institution they were in, as well as our supporters and advocates.

This group may be used to help find old friends, or just somewhere you can explain how you felt in Warrawee, and a place to share our memories, or vent off steam towards our oppressors.

We welcome all pictures and information with much gratitude.

I hope this group proves as useful, as it was created to be. :o)