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Please feel free to add your thoughts, interests/questions re brick walls or/and photographs and hopefully one or more of our members will be able to assist. Look in the 'file' tab at the top for documents etc to assist in your research. I would encourage you to join the NIFHS (North of Ireland Family History Society), information relating to such is in the pinned post. I/Our members give of their time and provide information voluntarily. We have a fantastic library at C4 in Newtownabbey, Co Antrim and a members section online that contains a mass of information, including gravestone inscriptions, church register transcriptions and hundreds more items. Please see the list of information available here: -
NOTE:- This information is only available to NIFHS members. Look-ups can be requested through the main NIFHS page.

NEW MEMBERS - Please post as much information you know about your ancestor, names, dob, location, spouse, siblings, where they died etc., if known. Enter the surnames you are researching into the 'Names I am researching' in the file tab at the top.

SECTIONS - Please look in the file/photograph sections as there is a wealth of information provided there.

TOPIC CLOSED - We do not want to discourage discussion, but if a question has been posted and it is answered, a topic closed photograph will be added to the end. This feature was added by asking the members if they thought it was a good or bad idea. For those that answered we went with a very high majority. If a further question/topic arises please create another post. You can easily search for information already posted by using the search bar, top right under the picture.

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