Linstead Jamaica

For those not in the “know” Linstead is a highly populated area located in Saint Catherine Jamaica. To be more specific it’s nested right between Spanish Town and Ocho Rios. While that description might be a bit of a stretch for those who know where it is, this particular description is the best that one can give for tourists and the like (people who have no idea where anywhere apart from major towns are, yup they don’t realize Linstead is a major town) (Laugh). This group has been set up for those living in and around the area where we can discuss issues and such that mainly deal with our little “neck of the woods”.

Linstead as we will use the term encompasses Heathfeild, Logan castle, the lodge, Byndloss, Time and Patience, Vanity Fair, Banbury, Victoria, Cambrian, Somerville, Greenwich,
Mickleton, Fellowship Hall, Fiddle Hall, Jericho, Allenton, Russel Pen, Bogwalk, Wakefeild, Buxton Town, Orangefeild, Falkland, Yorkstreet, Knollis, Cheesefeild, Enfeild, Giblatore, Berwick, Stirling Castle and Treadways. Man that’s quite a mouthful hopefully I didn’t forget anyone. But yeah that’s what I have in mind a united and common place for all our ideas to be shared and voiced with each other.

Notable things about Linstead is it’s production of two world class beauties in Nadine Thomas and Nalini Banhan, Musician and T.V personality Bagga Brown, Wolrd Class sprinter Asafa Powel, Olympic gold medalists Leslie Liang and Arthur Wint, Painters Kieth Anthony Morison and John Walters. Local schools include Dinthill Technical High
McGrath High School, Charlemont High (which has its own facebook group), Rosemount School, Victoria All Age, Ewarton Primary, Trinity Prep and St. Helens Prep school. Local festivities include the largest and most popular ‘Grand Market in Jamaica’, the Annual ‘Fame Road Party’ and ‘Camp Fire’ as well as our own ‘Jerk Festival’.