The Swarthmore McCabe Society

Welcome to the McCabe Scholars Society!

We, the McCabe Society of Swarthmore College, in order to form a cohesive McCabe Community, to continue the legacy of leadership and scholarship advanced by Thomas B. McCabe, and to revitalize and preserve the traditions of past McCabe Scholars, do commit ourselves to a future of friendship, leadership, and service.

We are currently working on organizing more on campus and off campus events for current McCabe Scholars (and alums) in addition to the spring and fall dinner. We hope to get to know one another better through more informal events throughout the year. All McCabes are encouraged to attend our weekly meetings on Tuesday nights at 8:00pm in Parrish Parlors to brainstorm ideas for these new events! In addition, this is a great, informal way to get to know your fellow McCabes!

-Brandon Lee Wolff '08 and Meena Elanchenny '10

This group was established in the hopes of bonding fellow McCabe's within a brothership/sisterhood in which we were initiated at the beginning of our Swarthmore career.
- Kyle White '08