The University of Birmingham Debating Society

This group is for everyone interested in getting involved with the Debating Society and to keep up to date with everything we do. This year we are sponsored by Allen & Overy LLP.

Current Committee (2014-2015):
President: Becki Howarth
Vice-President: Caley Routledge
Secretary: Naomi Dean
Treasurer: Raluca Stanescu
Public Debates Convenor: Alexandra Stepanenko
Schools Convenor: Ioana Chiva
IV Convenors: Fiona Ovberedjo
Training Officer: James Bowker
Marketing and Publicity: Julian Bryant

2014/2015 Achievements Term 1:

Heythrop Mini
Winners - Tom Redgrave and Becki Howarth

Edinburgh Cup
Finalists - Becki Howarth and Jamie Batchelor
Top Ten Speakers - Becki Howarth (6th)
Jamie Batchelor (8th)

UCL President's Cup
Semi Finalists - Rosie Butcher and Tash Browne
CA and Novice Final Chair - Becki Howarth
Breaking judge - Andrew Green

Bath Novice IV
CA and Final Chair - Andrew Green
Breaking judges - Alex Stepanenko, Patrick Morton, Becki Howarth

Breaking judge: Tommy Cave

Imperial Open
CA and Final Chair- Becki Howarth
Breaking judge - Andrew Green

Moscow Open
Semi Finalists - Lysa Wei (and Qiuqing Zhang)
Top Ten Speaker - Lysa Wei (9th)

Sheffield IV
Finalists - Alex Stepanenko and Andrew Green
Top Ten Speaker - Andrew Green (3rd)

Lund IV
Quarter Finalists - Erik Thompson and Tom Redgrave

Westminster Open
Novice Finalists - Jonny Wise and Chris Walker
Top Ten Novice Speakers - Chris Walker (2nd)
Jonny Wise (3rd)