Rush-Henrietta Key Club!

Hi everyone! I know it's the end of the year and believe me I understand no one wants to do anything. However there is one service project left- next Friday night (June 15) from 6-9 pm. The town of Henrietta has their Community Asset Celebration at the Town Hall. We would man a carnival game booth. We need 8 -10 people over the three hours. Even if you can only come for a little bit, it will be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to volunteer. There was an extremely low turnout at our last event, so I'd greatly appreciate it if some people could step up and actually volunteer next week. Rising seniors: remember that Key Club is an international organization that looks great on a college application and officers will be needed for next year. Make yourself stand out among the other applicants who have had impressive opportunities! It might seem like you've done enough, but you can always improve your application. Trust me, there are kids out there that have already done so many amazing things with their lives and it can be hard to compete with them. Good luck with everything!