Brysons Animal Shelter

We are not accepting any new members to the group at this time as we are currently building a new, hopefully better, page for our Facebook presence. We will be happy to welcome new members to the new page.

An independent local shelter rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs, cats, rabbits, horses etc in Gateshead.

See our official website,, for further details

Polite Notice:
Bryson's Facebook page is intended as a forum for Bryson's and its supporters to share information on Bryson's animals, past and present, as well as fundraising information and shelter news.
We would respectfully ask that members do not post animals for private rehoming, either for sale or free to good home, on our page. Any posts of this type will be deleted.
If you require help rehoming your animals please feel free to contact the shelter through official channels ie the website, by telephone or in person.