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Let's prepare JAWARISH AAMLA.......
3.putrefaction of blood
5.weakness of stomach and brain Composition=
1.Sheera aamla 120ml
2.tabasheer safaid 10gm
3.sandal safaid 10gm
4.simaaq 10gm
5.Zarishq 10gm
6.gul surkh 10gm
7.Badranjboya 10gm
8.post bairun pista 10gm
9.kishneez khushk 10gm
10.Tukhm kharfah 100gm
11.Marvareed 3gm
12.sugar 300gm
13.rub bahi 600gm How to prepare...
Mix and powdered all the ingridients which are dried,then make the powder of marvareed seperately,grind it 4hours daily for 5days till it becomes fine powder...then prepare qiwam... Dose...5 to7gm with water twice a day