Blade Trade Outpost - Europe

A place to buy, sell, and trade blades, blade parts, and anything blade related.

JOINING: This group gets a lot of spam, so we're careful with who we add to it. Therefore, your join request might be ignored if you don't look like a genuine blader. Apart from fixing your image, we recommend you message the admin (Andreas Lärfors) and he'll sort you out.

POSTING: Size (incl. UK/US/EU prefix), price (€), AND PICTURES

TRANSACTIONS: Use Paypal or Venmo (<--No fees for debit)
Get INSURANCE (Costs like €5 extra).

TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK - Don't trade with sketchy people like someone with 2 friends and no pictures. If you are unsure, ask in the group or message an admin.

DISPUTES: If you have a dispute, contact an admin about it. DO NOT MAKE A POST ABOUT IT. If you make a post about a dispute before messaging an admin, YOU MUST FONDLE THE BUTTOCKS OF A THOUSAND HAIRY MEN FOR A MINIMUM PERIOD OF THREE YEARS.

NON-TRADE POSTS: Any posts which are not to do with trading, e.g. "hey guyz chek out ma new edit plz" will be removed. For sale/trade/wanted posts only. Also no posts allowed from shops. Private trade posts only.

Other sites:
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