Kilifi County Higher Education Forum

This is a social media forum that will enable people from Kilifi County to:

1.Share information on matters relating to professional opportunities; and tertiary education ( including notices, scholarships, job opportunities etc)

2.Get horizontal and vertical educational and professional mentorship from professionals, peers and seniors academicians and professionals from the county

By joining this group, you accept to abide by the following mentioned (and unmentioned) rules and regulations:

1.This is a forum for professionals and students from within Kilifi County.

2.Only the administrators can regulate the people joining or leaving this group.

3. Members will not post non-educational or non-professional posts to this group. Doing so may result in expulsion at the discretion of the moderators.

4. Group administrators hall only admit potential members with with 'formal/real' names. Requests from persons using nicknames/pseudo-names and 'aliases' shall be rejected. All members shall be expected to maintain their real names names once they join the group as this would allow other members to know who they are interacting with.

5. The group administrators reserve the right of admission; and dismissal from membership for any person who contravenes the terms of engagement set out in this group