Catholics in Singapore! (Unofficial guide)

This community page is for Catholics in Singapore to share and d...iscuss faith-related matters. We are committed to Catholic orthodoxy in fidelity to the Magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church.

*Commonly asked: What's with the 'UNOFFICIAL GUIDE'? - answer below

Please observe the rules of this page:

You are very welcome whatever your religious affiliations, but please respect the group's Catholic ethos. Anti-Catholic rhetoric, spam and business solicitations will not be tolerated. Do keep your posts relevant to Catholic subject matter.

We request that comments and participation in threads be kept civil and respectful, regardless of differences in views and opinions. Everyone can express opposing views without being antagonistic, confrontational or overly-defensive. No personal attacks, name-callings or rude retorts please. Members who persistently employ bullying and humiliation tactics on others will be removed without warning.

Please also do not spam this page by repeatedly promoting your own blogs, writings, reflections, fb pages, commercial services and products, even if Catholic related. We also ask that members do not make more than three successive posts in a row. This is to ensure a diversity of content and no one person dominates the forum which will result in a loss of interest by others.

This is a CLOSED GROUP. Posts that have a 'share' button indicate that these are public links and may be shared to other pages. Group discussions and comments are CONFIDENTIAL and not to be shared to any other platforms without the appropriate permissions.

In short, members will be INSTANTLY BANNED for:
- Soliciting commercial business
- Posting violent and offensive graphic images
- Resorting to degrading name-callings, personal attacks and vulgarities
- Making irreverent, offensive and anti-Catholic posts and comments
- Sharing group discussions to other forums without permission
- Spamming

Thank you and we wish you a blessed and fruitful discussion.

God bless.

* What's with the 'UNOFFICIAL GUIDE' in the group name?
In its humble beginnings, this group was meant to be a platform for Catholics in Singapore to help each other, as well as non-Catholics, who have questions about the Catholic Faith. Hence it was conceived to be a sort of 'GUIDE'. However, comments and opinions in this group do not represent the official stand of the Catholic Church. Hence, it was an 'UNOFFICIAL GUIDE'.

Over time, the group grew to over 5000 members, the limit which Facebook allowed a change of name for a group. Like it or not, we are stuck with the group name forever.