University of Birmingham Singapore Society

This group is for active members who have registered with the Guild of Students only. Prospective students and Freshers 2014/15 please feel free to join our subsidiary group at where we will post all relevant information. Alternatively, you could personal message any of the Executive Committee members to find out more.

Current members also do not hesitate to direct any friends who might be joining our community to our new group.

A close-knit Singaporean-centric community that provides support and a deep sense of belonging for fellow Singaporeans and members within the University and beyond

To place the welfare of our members at heart
To promote an authentic Singaporean culture within our wider community

Current Committee
President: Harrison Kho
Vice President : Ashwin C Muthu
Secretary: Charlene Teo
Treasurer: Nadrah Rozman
Public Relations Officer: Genghis Koh
Advisor(s): Derek Choo, Cherry Fong, Wang Shi Mei

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