Beach City Online Sales

Common sense if you are selling something please respect the order in which those that are interested come to buy it! Not who can come first or what not. If someone says they want an item give them the chance first (3 days is long enough) If it falls through move to the next one.If you are caught bad mouthing or insulting another buyer or seller you will NOT be given a warning. If you do not agree with a price that someone has on their item, please take it up with that person privately.Do not post the same item more than once. If we keep seeing the same posts OVER and OVER then they'll be deleted. Also, only bump your item once every 24 hours. When someone comments on it, they automatically move to the top! Give everyone equal chances to sell their items!! If an item is sold please delete it!! If you post "sold" on your item, it will be deleted. YOU MUST USE ALBUMS, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE INDIVIDUAL PICS. If you're meeting with someone PLEASE do so in PUBLIC!!! We will not be held responsible if something goes wrong with one of your transactions. Be smart and safe about it. If something doesn't seem probably isn't. If you're meeting with someone than that is your responsibility on the meeting place and time. It's not that hard to pick up a phone and let them know you're running late or an emergency came up. It's the respectful thing to do. People like to see pictures of the items for sale so please post pictures and as much info about the item like price and location. We want to make this sales site as drama free as possible. Diane Baxter and Tammy Foote are Administrators to this group so if you have a problem email one of us.