Numanoids - Gary Numan fans

GROUP RULES. This is a forum for debate. The pros and cons of Gary Numan's music/career will be discussed. By 'cons' this does not include personal abusive comments aimed at Numan or his family, band, associates etc.'Pros and cons' equates to "the favorable and the unfavorable factors or reasons; advantages and disadvantages" of Numan's career and do not extend to his personal life. These discussions/debates should stay within the group's rules.

This is the place for fans of Gary Numan's music/career to chat and share stories and images etc. All aspects of Numan's music/career can be discussed. Any negative opinions pertaining to Numan's music/career should be justifiable and not break any of the group's rules.

The rules of this group are simple:

1. Keep it friendly. Bullying (for want of a better word) will not be tolerated.
2. Do not make negative personal comments against members or others. This obviously includes Numan, his band, associates and family etc. Personal abuse will not be tolerated.
3. Trolls are not welcome.
4. Any advertising of non-Numan related products will not be tolerated and will incur an instant ban.
5. Do not post anything that could be provocative and incite anger. I understand that this is a very broad comment and can be interpreted in many ways. Just be sensible and aware of other peoples' feelings when posting. This is a group for people to have fun and enjoy themselves and there is no need for leading questions or provocative posts.

This group is primarily for posts about Gary Numan, his music and career. Going off this topic isn't a problem and all aspects of life etc. can be discussed as long as they don't break the rules of this group.

If you have a problem with any member's conduct within this group then please PM the Admin. Members who have justifiable complaints against them sent to the Admin will have their access to this group blocked for two weeks. They can reapply to join after the two weeks have passed if they agree to abide by the rules. Break any rule again and they will be banned completely. We really don't want to ban members but we also don't want this group to deteriorate into a place full of personal conflicts etc.

Images etc. on this group page remain the copyright of their respective owner(s). Please do not copy or distribute images belonging to members of this group without their consent. If you post an image that you don't own the copyright to please firstly obtain the permission of the original copyright owner and credit them for it.

The views, opinions etc. posted within this group do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions etc. of the admin.

Thank you and enjoy.

Kevin Spencer
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