Chico Area New and Used for Kids/Babies

Hello Members!

Welcome to Chico Area New and Used for Kids and Babies.

The intention of this group is to post items pertaining to Children or babies.
Please Do Not Post Items that are not for Children/Babies.
Your post will be deleted and if you keep doing it despite being warned you will be removed.

If you are a work-at-home mom please feel free to post your kid-related wares but don't over take the site; a post or two is fine every three days or so. Also, no buying to re-sell for a higher price, that's just shady and we don't need the drama that it causes.


Please be respectful to your fellow members. PLEASE keep your dialog with fellow members KIND. We are all imperfect humans trying our best and mistakes happen. No item is worth stress and anxiety. Disrespectful Comments will be deleted and you will be warned, if you cannot control yourself you will be removed. I am happy to help mediate disputes, please message me.

You can "bump" an item (move it to the top of the group) by commenting 'still available' every three days, this way we aren't over running the page with re-posts.

Once they are sold please promptly delete them so as to avoid any confusion. If you cannot delete please indicate on item so I can delete it for you.

RESPONDING TO ITEMS you are interested in:

Indicate that you are interested in an item by commenting on the item. If the pictures are in an album please indicate on the actual items picture. Its a good idea to message the selling party that you are interested so that the post doesn't get buried by other posts and become difficult to find at a later time. Its also a good idea to message the seller a confirmation of the agreed price and item specifics, just to make sure you both are having a meeting of the minds.

Set up a SAFE & PUBLIC location to meet the seller. Membership to this group does NOT ENSURE your personal safety. Use Common Sense and self defense. NEVER put yourself in danger!

If you cannot meet the seller PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send them a message. Even if its past the time. It is common courtesy and the right thing to do.

I am here to help if you need it, please message me.